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Tutorial No.1

Hello, hello~ It's the weekend I finally got around to this tutorial as requested by the lovely llilliathari.

Go from this: to this

This is my first tutorial so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. Please give me feed back!! I'd love it!

*** Note that my screen caps are more saturated than the actual image!

Get your self a 100x100 section of manga/comic you'd like to work with. Sharpen and change the contrast/brightness etc. until you like it.

Now to change the color of the lineart, create a new layer and fill it with a dark color. I wanted it to be brown so i chose #361E06 and set it to screen at 100%.

Then we start coloring! First the hair, you'll need a new layer and to zoom in a lot to get the details. I used #DF4F4F set to hard light at 100%.

Next I worked on the twinkle in his eye~ Another layer #7EB5C7 set to hard light at 100%.

I didn't think that it showed enough so I duplicated that layer and set it to multiply at 31%.

The skin is next, another layer #F1E7D9 set to linear burn at 100%. I like to color over the line on the skin, it actually makes a difference.

Ok, back to the glasses, and you guessed it! New layer, color in the glasses with #A0AB28 set to hard light at 100%.

Color in the lense too! #ECECEC set to multiply at 100%. Not much of a difference, but eh. :D

Now the pencil. I didn't really know what color pencils should be so I just randomly chose a color #6EB4D9 set to hard light at 100%. (See a pattern here?)

It didn't come out as bright as I wanted so I duplicated the layer and set it to multiply at 49%.

More of the pencil. #4EC532 set to hard light at 100%.

Lastly the book! #EEEFCF set to multiply at 100%.

Lastly to make it look more interesting, some textures~ I wanted something to darken it so I used this texture made by 77words set to multiply at 74%.

Now it's too dark D: so another texture by 77words, this one set to overlay at 65%.

And Ta-DA~ Done! :D
I took many tips from the wonderful heartaddiction~ Tutorial here.
Another thing to note is you can (and should) change up things, but use bright colors! :D (Or not, I mean you don't have to.)

Comments and feed back are nice!
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